Thursday, February 24, 2005


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Name: Kevin Bristow (Captian)
Age?: 15
Years playing?: 5
Position?: Front-Mid
First marker?: Spyder e99
Markers you’ve used?: Orracle, Timmy
The team you want play for?: Naughty Dogz
Tournaments you have played?: Empire Young Gunz
Favorite Team?: Naughty Dogz
Favorite player?: Glen Takemoto
What paintball means for you?: Life and Death
What you think about the future of the Team?: Grow
Favorite sport outside of paintball?: Wrestling
Hobbies?: RC Cars
Your dream?: World Cup Champ
Aim: RimmyRealBeat

Marker Set-up:
2004 Shcoktech Imtimidator (WAS'd)
68ci/4500psi Pure Energy Tank
Halo B w/ Rip Drive


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